Anna Zapaishchykova






Hi! I am a Visiting Scholar at Johns Hopkins University. Currently, I'm obtaining my Master's degree at the Biomedical Computing Department at TU Munich. During my studies, I worked as a Research assistant at MITI in Klinikum Rechts de Isar. Before moving to Munich, I finished my Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering at NTUU "KPI".

I am the co-founder of VizCare, a startup that has begun from the Medinnovate program.

My main research interests are computer-aided medical procedures and deep learning for medicine. More broadly, I am interested in computer vision, machine learning, and image processing.

Technical Skills

  • Python
  • C#
  • Slicer 3D
  • Unity
  • Deep learning


You can find my publications on ResearchGate or on Google Scholar.

Changes in Reproductive Rate of SARS-CoV-2 Due to Non-pharmaceutical Interventions in 1,417 U.S. Counties

Jie Ying Wu, Benjamin D Killeen, Philipp Nikutta, Mareike Thies, Anna Zapaishchykova, Shreya Chakraborty, Mathias Unberath

A County-level Dataset for Informing the United States' Response to COVID-19

Benjamin D. Killeen, Jie Ying Wu, Kinjal Shah, Anna Zapaishchykova, Philipp Nikutta, Aniruddha Tamhane, Shreya Chakraborty, Jinchi Wei, Tiger Gao, Mareike Thies, Mathias Unberath